Our employee family is incredibly culturally diverse. We recognise that everyone has different needs and interests and, as a result, we have created personalised programmes to support our employees’ development. From bespoke training programmes for our pre-opening teams to personalised cross-exposure opportunities, we ensure that our team members experience continual growth. 


We are a company with a rich heritage and culture which uniquely positions us to stay at the forefront of luxury hospitality. We are proud to have established a range of opportunities to ensure that our people understand this culture and feel part of the family.

For example, staff at each of our operations are invited to take part in cross-exposure programmes at a different location. This creates an environment where they can learn how our hotels, and their team in particular, operate in a different country. In addition to being an eye-opening and rewarding experience, it also offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow colleagues and learn about new cultures.

Our leadership programme offers an effective method of cultivating emerging talent by providing them with an experienced mentor within the company. In addition, we also have a Management Development Programme which empowers graduated Corporate Management Trainees to create their own project which would positively impact operations. 


    Sonja Vodusek, Managing Director, The Peninsula London

    Appointed Managing Director of The Peninsula London in 2020, Sonja Vodusek’s initially joined The Peninsula Hotels in 2010 as the Hotel Manager of The Peninsula New York. She went on to serve as the first female General Manager of both The Peninsula Manila and The Peninsula Tokyo. Her passion for the hospitality industry began in Japan in 1992, where she worked in the Rooms division before embarking on assignments in Australia, Ireland, United States, the Czech Republic and the Philippines. Originally from Australia, Ms Vodusek holds diplomas in hotel and business management from the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.


    Fu Chik Yuet, Executive Chef (Spices), The Repulse Bay

    Chef Yuet has had a long tenure with the HSH Group having joined The Repulse Bay in 1987 for the opening of Spices, our popular Asian restaurant which serves authentic south-east Asian cuisine.  Throughout the years, Chef Yuet has rotated through various positions, in doing so, demonstrating strong personal and professional growth.  Having held the position of Executive Chef of Spices since 1997 and with a cumulative tenure of over 32 years, Chef Yuet is a firm fixture with many stories to share, though his passion is ensuring that Spices remains a favourite dining establishment within the Hong Kong culinary scene.


With dedicated Learning and Development teams at each of our hotels, we are passionate about delivering the most effective programmes for our HSH employees.

We are proud to have a robust selection of regular training sessions that our teams can choose to participate in. We have created personalised programmes that address their current needs. Our People and Culture teams update and improve these programmes each year to ensure that we are offering up-to-date and relevant training for our employees.

In conjunction with these programmes, we also offer online training for employees so they can easily access relevant content at their convenience.


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Stay connected by joining our network! Enter your email and tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll keep you informed about upcoming events and opportunities that match your interests.